“Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast”

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Gemini Angels (May 20 – June 21)…”Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast” is your Soul Reflection 🙂 !!!

Your Disney soul sister: “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Why you’re basically her: You are quite the bookworm, Gemini. You often spend your days with your face buried deep inside a book trying to soak in as much knowledge as your brain will allow. You love long chats, trips around your town and hanging out with big groups of people—and for that reason, you are comparable to Belle. You are like-minded in that you have a tendency to be very serious and thoughtful. You don’t like to make assumptions, and you know that most problems can be solved simply by asking questions. Your inquisitive nature will lead you to some amazing places!

“Belle” by “Arja” :)…!!!


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