Every Little deeds of kindness …little words of love which makes our planet a Happiest place is “Arja”

We are excited to introduce to you an initiative that is extremely close to our hearts – ARJA, THE SOULFUL!

ARJA, THE SOULFUL is a way for you to save upto 50% of your aRJA purchases while also contributing towards MANKIND ! How? We are collecting old Gowns of your Angels that you aren’t using anymore(any Gowns, not just Arja) and putting a system in place to upcycle them as packaging bags! As per the type of fabric that is sent, we will send you a discount code that you can use on your next purchase!

By doing this we are-
• Redirecting large volumes of fabric waste from ending up in landfills
• Conserving the fresh resources that would’ve been used to create packaging bags from fresh fabric
• Fostering of aRJA Queens who join hands to tread lightly on this beautiful planet

How can you be a part of this?

Step 1
Collect Gowns that are no longer used by you or Your Angels. Pack the Clothes and send them to our registered address or call us on Contact number: 9326193586

Step 2
After receiving your clothes, we will check to determine what fabric the clothe is made of and send you a discount coupon code on email as per the type of fabric. We will call you back as soon as we receive your parcel to process your coupon.

Coupon amount you will receive as per the fabric

Net – Rs 50
Synthetic – Rs 150
Cotton, Linen, Cellulose based fabric- Rs 250
Silk – Rs 600

Step 3
We will upcycle your clothes to make some goodies or packaging bags that will carry Arja love to Arja Queens all over the world!

To redeem the coupon code, your order value should be atleast double the discount code offered. Eg: If you get a coupon code of Rs 150 you can redeem it on a minimum purchase of Rs 300 (Yess! It means upto 50% off).
Single discount code will be given on the total number of sarees you send us, which you can use to buy any number of products.

Happy you, happy us, happy planet!

Love & Light,
Arja, The Angels

• All discount coupons given as part of this initiative are applicable only on online purchases
• The sender is not entitled to ownership over Gowns that are sent to Arja The Soulful.
• The discount coupon is valid for one year from the date of generation
• Defects like decolorization, small tear (max upto 5×5 inches) , stains (max 5×5 inches) are acceptable. If we still get Gowns with unacceptable defects we will give you a minimum coupon code of Rs 100.
• Shipping charges are to be borne by the customer