“Ariel” from “Little Mermaid”

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…It’s “Ariel” from “Little Mermaid” for you Pisces Angels (Feb.19 – March. 20)

(“Little Mermaid” via Walt Disney Pictures)

Your Disney soul sister: Ariel

Why you’re basically her:
If there were two words to describe you they would be Creative and Compassionate. You have a knack for discovering new and unique ways to express yourself, one of the primary ways being through music. As a water sign, you’re drawn to spending time near or in the ocean, so it’s only fitting that Ariel is the Disney princess you relate to most. Just like Ariel, you’re an Emotional Individual. Love and Romance is of great importance to you, and you’ll sacrifice anything and everything if that means you get to spend quality time with the ones you love most.

”Ariel” by Arja 🙂 …Next..!!!


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